You are mine forever: Angiez glam & Engineer Kesiena’s wedding News

I’m so excited to finally feature this wedding as their love story is very beautiful & it shows never to give up on the one you love. Angel and Kesiena have been friends since 2008 and after several attempts from Kesiena to make Angel the only one that make his heart skips, she finally agreed to be his wife in year 2014, yes it took the brother 6 years & it was definitely worth it. Angel and Kesiena got married traditionally on the 4th of April 2015 at Angel’s  hometown in Delta state & had their white wedding on the 6th of April 2015 in Warri, Nigeria.

The captivating words by Angel that inspired me were “This is how much time it had to take for God to mold the both of us into the people we needed to become in order for us to be perfect for each other. This is how much time it had to take for Kess to become the most responsible, calm, loving, caring, straightforward, trustworthy, dependable and God-fearing Husband any Wife could pray for. This is how much time it needed to take for me to become the best wife any husband could ever want and I am forever grateful to God for giving me the patience and wisdom to have not rushed into another’s arms and giving Kess the spirit of perseverance. This is how much time it had to take for us to have had enough of those emotional scars that only began to heal when we found each other”

Traditional wedding pictures







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White wedding pictures









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Photographers: Sam photography and Gubeezchekay photography
Traditional wedding makeover: Ashama
White wedding makeover: Beauty matterz
Traditional jewelry accessories: Nica corals
Bride and bridal party shoes: Dianabeth
Fascinators: Dianabeth
Bouquet: Dianabeth
Bridal gown: Overseas
Angel’s traditional outfit were very classy & the colours were very well combined but I can imagine the stress she must have gone through to have all her outfits ready as she wore 3 different outfits & 3 different headgear, her fitted warm colour blouses fit like a glove & the wrappers has nice colours to brighten up the outfit, her accessories were carefully picked from her beads which completes the outfit to her clutch and shoes which also brightens the entire outfit, I loved how she changed from a neutral lip colour to bright red for white wedding reception and her gown was really beautiful.

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