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Social media has truly changed, I don’t know if I can confidently say that it has changed only for the better; therefore, maybe it has changed for the worse also.

I remember some years ago, when everyone acts bougie, very friendly and avoid conflict and situations that could embarrass them on social media but in recent times; you know the phrases: “Warri no dey carry last,” or “all of us go join drag am,” It definitely fits the new style of  communication and business transaction on social media especially Instagram.


Let’s talk about the people that keep our business afloat: clients / customers;

  • Some clients / customers are constantly calling vendors out on social media for minor mistakes.
  • Some clients / customers are intentionally being disrespectful to vendor so they can provoke them and send the chat showcasing the “angry,  rude” vendor to the blogs.
  • Some clients / customers are being dishonest about the type of events they are having just to unethically slash the price of the product they are purchasing or the service they are hiring the vendor/s for.
  • Some individuals (clients / customers and vendors) are posting hateful, mean and outright disrespectful comments on blogs with faceless, private and even business pages.


Now Let’s talk about vendors / entrepreneurs;

  • Some vendors are showcasing the “I don’t care” behavior.
  • Some vendors recently started an “every day” unnecessary dancing.
  • Some vendors are using tambourine, bells, whistles and pianos to get clients / customers’ attention social media.
  • Some vendors are bringing their personal life on social media all in the name of “telling my truth,” and connecting with clients.
  • Some vendors are constantly looking for clients / customers’ pictures and tags posted on other vendors’ pages or the clients / customers that ask for other vendors’ price in the comment section of the vendors’ pages, these vendors then send those clients / customers messages persuading them to boycott the other vendor and patronize the because they are “cheaper” and the other vendor is unnecessarily overpriced and not all that fabulous as they appear.



The picture I have in my head when I come across all these behavioral patterns are the dragging from egbon Taju to come and buy jeans that I don’t need, the cursing out of Iya Shukura by mummy Ijeoma and the the noise from all angles saying “ten ten Naira, ten ten Naira, bend down select, ten Naira, ten naira, select “ya” own; Yes I wrote this with my Naija accent. *sigh*



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