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Can you say with me, TURBAN ti takeover. Aso oke geles can just bow out at this point and take back row seats now because there is a new fashion trend in town which is party lovers replacing aso oke gele with turbans. I am not surprised that turban is slowly replacing gele; Now why did I say this? I’ll give just one reason: This substitute helps to eradicate the pain women go through with aso oke geles when tightly tied. I don’t see brides tieing turbans in replacement of aso oke gele for their traditional wedding but hey, never say never. I expect this trending to flow into the year 2017 & I love that, view the beautiful styles below


Makeover & turban styling by beauty and the beholder


Makeover & turban styling by Beautycook


Makeover & turban styling by Beauty bellaz


Makeover & turban styling by Yglam


Turban provided by trending_ng


Makeover & turban styling by Sitpretty makeup maverick



Makeover & turban styling by Eeswat makeovers


Makeover & turban styling by Eeswat makeovers


Makeover & turban styling by Ennieyapha


Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

                                            ~ Jean Cocteau

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