DISTINCT VENDORS’ 1st anniversary News
It’s the month of May & at DISTINCT VENDORS, we are definitely still in the celebration mood as DISTINCT VENDORS clocked 1 and we are so excited about the things that are going to be unveiled this year which are:


  • Unveil of the distinct vendors’ logo.
  • Launch the distinct vendors website.
  • Unveil our major 2015 giveaways.
  • Unveil the distinct vendors team members.
  • Introduce distinct vendors annual parties/events.
  • Partner with vendors to give consistent giveaways.
  • Announce dates for the next DISTINCT PHOTOSHOOTS (Lagos, Ibadan).
  • Introduce distinct vendors vlog to discuss important vendors/business & personal topics (in partnership with The wedding TV, Molurlahs makeover & Nice touch makeover).
  • Offer new services (event planning, vendors-clients matching, advertising, marketing, personal and business photo/video shoot, business research, business plans creation, business development).
  • Match aspiring vendors to great vendors for apprenticeship opportunities
  • Partner with charity organizations to continually giving back to the community.
  • Start our “THE BIRTH OF A DISTINCT VENDOR” program(competition between individuals to get a huge capital towards starting a business & geared towards helping new graduates start a trade/business).

Much love distinct family


  1. Ifeoluwa Says: June 9, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Waiting for the final call that will bring smiles to my face….*FingersCrossed*

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