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Hmmn, heavy sigh right? The beauty industry in Nigeria was shaken up in the last quarter of the year 2017. Why? Celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur Mrs. Banke Meshida Lawal parted ways with 2 of her best employees: Ms. Annabel Warrie and Ms. Demilade Williams.


Mrs. Banke Meshida Lawal, C.E.O of Banke Meshida Professional Makeup(BMPro)


Ms. Demilade Williams, Ex-employee at Banke Meshida Professional Makeup(BMPro)


Ms. Annabel Warrie, Ex-employee at Banke Meshida Professional Makeup(BMPro)


So many stories everywhere with words like a smear campaign, wickedness, greed being thrown around but then the question on everyone’s mind still remains;  What truly happened? This led to my quest for the truth, I made so many calls, messaged so many people and I can say that this information you are about to read was gathered from close sources and family members of all parties involved.

A phone conversation with BMPro’s inside source(2 people) on October 21, 2017, See excerpts below:

Distinct Vendors: How you dey now? Oya tell me what truly happened

BMPro’s source: Ire, employees are so ungrateful and very wicked o and you and I know Aunty Banke is a good employer, she paid these ladies anywhere from 300,000 Naira to 500,000 Naira, they wear what she wears; Ire, you buy perfumes for people from abroad now, you know how expensive each one is, she will buy them perfumes, shades, and other valuable things. They have a driver and a car provided by BMPro that they use o, even her manager questioned why she gave these ladies preferential treatment, they are on gift payroll of wealthy clients who gave them just because Money, they travel outside of Nigeria constantly, the only reason why Demi hasn’t traveled to the USA through BMPro is because she was taking another path to actualizing that *I can’t share that path, it’s her personal life,* Demi and Annabel claimed to be best friends but Annabel does not know where Demi lives until today. Annabel is being manipulated by Demi, Demi is ** years old while Annabel is ** years old, can you see the age difference *I can’t share their ages, quite personal,* Demi wasn’t feeling well a while back, she had….*I can’t share, her personal life,* and no one could go and visit her because no one knows where she lives. She lies about everything, she lives the #alakada lifestyle, she acts so sophisticated and so proud like she has it all even though we all know that ***** (I can’t share, her personal life).

Distinct vendors: So wetin con happen that led to this arrest and legal battle?

BMPro’s source: Demi and Annabel came to tell Aunty Banke that they were leaving, she was shocked because she had an idea that Annabel might want to leave but not Demi but she was still happy for them. She advised them not to tell any of their colleagues yet and they should stay to train other makeup artists but they declined. Aunty Banke immediately called her manager and asked how can BMPro send them forth and celebrate their time with BMPro; after much deliberation, they both decided that BMPro should gift them a car until BMPro decided to Audit and several funds were taken from clients by Annabel and Demi but were not remitted to BMPro’s account so it’s not that they stole money by going into Aunty Banke’s purse but how do you direct company’s funds to your personal account so it was only fair for their job to end immediately. These ladies took money from clients far and wide, when BMPro’s Instagram page posted the disclosure that Annabel and Demi *see below* are no longer with BMPro, so many clients from all over the world called saying that they paid for services and this was when real audit had to be done and my dear, when I say over 25 million Naira was not remitted to the company’s account, a whopping 25 million naira. She got them arrested the first time but a close friend of Aunty went to release them without even talking to Aunty Banke first because she needed her makeover to be done, you see how people are so Aunty Banke transferring them to Abuja without telling them was a way for her to get things resolved and she didn’t even want to arrest them o, it’s people that love her that decided to fight for her so only God knows what will happen now.

BMPro’s source #2: These ladies took money from clients far and wide, when BMPro’s Instagram page posted the disclosure that Annabel and Demi *see below* are no longer with BMPro, so many clients called requesting for money,  I was working with one of the ladies in Dubai when BMPro’s Instagram page posted the disclosure that Annabel and Demi *see below* are no longer with BMPro and the client’s jaw dropped and BMPro couldn’t post the picture but if you know what she did to even compensate for not posting my work, you will be shocked, Aunty Banke is an amazing, kind hearted woman who loves to help and promote everyone.


A phone interview was conducted with Annabel’s source on October 21, 2017, See excerpts below:

Distinct vendors: Good evening ma

Annabel’s source: Good evening o

Distinct vendors: I’m would like to speak to Annabel

Annabel’s source: She’s not around, she’s currently traveling in Abuja

Distinct vendors: Ma, I heard what happened between her and her boss and I wanted to ask her about the part she played in it.

Annabel’s source: Ok dear, I’ll tell you what happened, Banke is a very wicked woman, she maltreats people and she doesn’t want people to grow.

Distinct vendors: *Cuts in,* I don’t believe that to be true ma because the way she treated Annabel and her colleague show how supportive of them she is.

Annabel’s source: It’s all lies, let me even give you another employee’s number, she treated her……….. *That is an irrelevant info so I won’t share it,* She will leave these girls to travel without even caring about how they are faring, one time Anabel travelled and she didn’t have a place to stay and she called Banke to let her know and she said you are big girl, you can take care of yourself. Haba for a girl of 20 something years old. Demi paid to learn makeup artistry and worked for her for 6 years, Anabel worked for 8 years. she started paying Annabel 20000 Naira, Demi was paid 30000 Naira, then 35000 Naira, then 40000 Naira in May 2017.

Distinct vendors: Ma, please tell me about what happened that led to Annabel and Demi being arrested

Annabel’s source: Ok, In June 2017, Annabel and Demi wrote a letter of resignation because they wanted to do things the right way and Banke asked them to stay until the end of September but they declined and said they will stay till July and that’s because they wanted to leave in February 2017 but Banke has been traveling but they agreed to train new employees for 1 month and they will both take turns in doing so. In the 2nd week of July, Annabel was asked to return the camera provided to her by BMPro which she did and that’s how they left in July. In September 2017, the Nigerian police officers came to arrest Annabel at home and took her to Zone 2, I went with them but they were later released. On Monday, October 16th, 2017, They were rearrested and we were all at the police station, I was told that they are going to be transferred to Alagbon but they will take them home to freshen up first until I realized that a car with Annabel and Demi was heading to Maitama in Abuja and we have gotten our own lawyer to fight this.

Distinct vendors: I thought they were released

Annabel’s source: They will be released but there is still an ongoing legal battle

Distinct vendors: Hmmn, are you consenting to this information to be shared

Annabel’s source: Why not, please post it, Anna’s ***** has shared our own side too, I’m a redeemer at ***** chapel *Zone # & name of chapel can’t be share* and I can’t lie but God will show up for us.

Distinct vendors: Alright, thank you ma.


Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely, or not loyal at all. 

~ Sharnay

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