About us

Almost a decade ago, “social media” weddings became a thing in Nigeria; as the industry grew in leaps and bounds, so did wedding and event vendors. Vendors created an industry from nothing; Cynthia left her white collar job to start event planning; Sade took over her mother’s aso oke business and guess who became a makeup artist; Amaka, who trained as a pharmacist.

The industry boom also created a market for unethical vendors, they take on jobs they couldn’t deliver, Obioma sewed wedding dresses that didn’t fit on the eve of the wedding while Taju didn’t show up for the photography services he was paid for and more heartbreaking stories…

Someone needed to do something to restore confidence in the industry or at least a semblance of it – that was how Distinct Vendors was born, we created a platform for celebrating and encouraging ethical vendors while shaming the unethical ones. Some say we are the “Jagaban” of the wedding and event industry, some call us the “Vendors’ police” while a majority confirms that we are the “Fix it” team. Yes, they are right.